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Our team is your team! You get access to our hands-on leadership team with deep experience in customer support, call center, and back office outsourcing. Our CEO, COO, US-based directors and entire team in the Philippines will help make sure your program thrive.

We have dedicated teams that are devoted to you, ensuring the highest quality of service provided.

We replicate your offices and culture in the US and infuse it with our unique world-class culture to create a sustainable and scalable solution.

24/7 coverage with no annual contract, no headcount minimums, and no annual increase minimums. Ramp up quickly and hire new team members within days. No one-size-fits-all programs here. We’ll work with you to build the perfect solution for you.
Pay per agent with low, all-inclusive rates — no upcharge for overnight shifts or phone support. Save up to 80% as compared to an in-house hire and get equal or better quality.
We’ll work with you to make sure your professionals understand your product, values, and culture so they can act as a seamless extension of your overall team. You’ll have full visibility into team operation and complete access to communicate with your employees directly.


Contact Center
Contact center professionals are able to process orders, prepare customer correspondence, and/or fulfill customer needs to ensure customer satisfaction.
Customized Solution
We can recruit and hire specialized professionals based on your specific requirement.
Back Office Support
The Back Office Support Team performs a variety of administrative functions such as data entry and the like. We have highly skilled and experienced people for these tasks.
Web Development
Our Web Development Team designs and constructs websites, including incorporating graphic user interface (GUI) features and other techniques. We can also maintain and provide ongoing changes to the design or functionality of the websites or promotional banners.
Graphic Design
Our Graphic designers use current graphic design software to produce graphic arts and visual materials for promotions, advertisements, films, packaging, permit-packages, and informative materials through a variety of media outlets.

What makes us Different

One of our ways of giving back to our amazing employees is by throwing them huge parties, and Awesome OS is famous for events like the Year End Party. We also have other programs created especially for our outstanding employees who have made a huge impact to the growth of the company.
OS Cares
What better way to celebrate our success and show our gratitude than by giving and sharing with less fortunate? Which is why our teams conduct several charity events every year.
Forget all those typical boring technical accounts because here at Awesome OS, we partner with exciting and fun campaigns that reflect our culture!



At Awesome OS, we help growing startups build exceptional outsourced teams through outsourcing focused on partnership with exceptional people at a competitive price, high-touch service from our expert team, and flexible contracts!

Founded in 2006 by a leadership team with over 50 years of combined outsourcing experience, we know what leads to long-term success, and we’re here to help you get there!


We believe that our greatest asset and our driving force are our people. Through rigorous hiring standards and a strong focus on culture fit, we find the best candidates in the industry.

Our passionate employees get incredible benefits including competitive salaries, paid time off, investment plans, health insurance, team building events, access to sports and fitness activities and centers, and even nap rooms and in-house masseuse!


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