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You’ve found AWESOME OS, a new-school way to outsource customer service and content moderation! Over 12 years, we’ve worked with awesome team members, partnered with high-growth startups and even built call centers with ocean views! It’s difficult to convey how Awesome OS is different from the traditional outsourcing model so when you have 5 minutes (we really do mean 5 minutes) we’re happy to chat to share why many E-commerce companies have partnered with us!


Simplified Outsourcing
No contracts and all-inclusive rates are just some of our innovations. Learn more today!
Unlimited free massages, call centers with ocean views, and heavy doses of high fives are just a few things that make our culture uniquely different. But it doesn’t stop there, our industry-leading Employee CSAT and low attrition rates (1/3 of the industry average) back up our promise to our employees!
From Silicon Valley, to Silicon Beach, to Silicon Alley, we partner with over 100 of the most high-profile and disruptive startups in the world.
Customized Teams
Not only do we build customized teams based on your business needs and culture, we can replicate your office down to the exact wood color. Essentially, it’s an extension of your brand aesthetics and people.


Customer Service / Call Center
Our contact center team will gladly fulfill your customer support needs through various channels such as voice, e-mail, live chat, SMS, and social media platforms.
Back Office Support
Our Back Office Support Team performs a variety of operations and administrative functions such as data entry and order entry. We have highly skilled and experienced people for these tasks.
Web / Software Development
From intuitive user interfaces to complex business applications, our front-end and back-end developers can build solutions and provide support for your business needs.
Graphic Design
Our graphic designers produce promotional graphic arts, visual materials and image retouching for e-commerce companies and media outlets.

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